she bends

and i can feel myself crumbling

her patience with the furious world

getting me down

and I swim

in a pool of thick subdued urning

things are not as they would have been

if the world hadn’t pressed it’s icy aluminum

up against your lips

kiss the world

not me

quit kissing the idea of me

the girl you’ve got in your head never manifests 

inside my skin 

i am

blood, bones, muscles and outside influences

not poetry or dresses or thoughts of you

i am

a scab you keep picking at 

i’m scarring up

getting ugly for you

stop loving me

so i can start

liking you

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our first kiss was 3 days before we first got our periods together
and one day before you got a new haircut
and a month before your mom’s birthday

the next time we got our periods, i was swimming through my sleepover bag, fishing for tampons
the next time you got a haircut, you got a dog the same day that still remembers my voice
and the next time your mom’s birthday rolled around, i had a drawer, a toothbrush, and a seemingly permanent spot in your bed

things seemed to happen consecutively 
that reminded us of time, and called for our love to consider itself.
i still loved you
at every checkpoint.

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the help she seeks now

takes her in right away

squeezes her tight

kisses her hard

and crushes her

i was

a dandelion in a hurricane 

with a masochistic acceptance of our love’s potent easiness

i can’t forgive you

for letting me go so god damn easy

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im a huge chicken so i forced myself to write and record a song in 15 minutes and post it online no matter what so heres to that 

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she called me a charmer

which makes her a snake

but there’s so much entertainment

that danger can make 

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she kisses who she wants

lays her elbows on your shoulders

and sinks herself into you

you’ve never been more than a slingshot

or a handful of pebbles

and she’s an AK47 in the hands of a sociopathic ex girlfriend

she’s invigorating 

and terrifying 

you stumble drunkenly to the bathroom

and check your body for bruises or scars

because a girl like this

had to have left a mark

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This just in

  • Me: Dad do you want a bagel
  • Dad: No, your mother and I are going to try to eat better
  • **Mom comes in**
  • Mom: Bagels?! Can I have one?
  • Me: Sure! **walking over to dad** You know who wins, ugly little boy. Bagels win.

i did myself a favor last night

and mourned you

though you have not passed into the earth

you have passed through me

i  recognized

one thousand years of fog

and my recognition caused it to rain

and i put all of my buckets out on the front steps

and they all filled with water

and i took all the water

and put it in my bathtub

and cleaned my skin

of everything

and then i lit candles 

and let the wax drip onto the coffee table,

i laid a cross over your side of the bed

and changed the cover on your pillow

and it was raining

it was raining

paper machete lover

you should have told me how fragile you were

should have warned me we couldn’t go swimming

you should have given me a heads up

that by the time the fall rain made the leaves too hard to clear

you’d be even heavier then all them bagged up hanging from my neck

i still scour the sand for traces of our summer

love notes written on coffee cups

corked wine bottles 

the first night we spent together

but these days my hands get cold so fast

so even if i found you, pulpy at the bottom of a frozen river

i couldn’t muster up the movement to mold you back

i’ll admit

i’d like to see your forearms again

maybe what i really need is resolution- an end

but you left me feeling jilted

so right now i want the disaster of our love

i want to watch the tidal wave wash over me

and i want to dissolve with you

i want it to knock my teeth in for every time i couldn’t understand

and turn the light out for every time you tried to open up

cover my eyes for every time you and i spoke different languages

i’m sorry

i didn’t know things were so god damn delicate

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Coolness is having courage.
Saskia Rodríguez ©

coolness is THIS THIS is really cool.

What a serious qt.



Coolness is having courage.

Saskia Rodríguez ©

coolness is THIS THIS is really cool.

What a serious qt.

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Bleed your colors into my cloth

I’m sick of the way I am 

I want you to push your fabric over mine

So I can dye you, so you can dye me.

I want you and I sewn into the same garment 

And worn by all the eyes who see us.

And when we kiss, we’ll smile through our thimble teeth 

And my needles will pierce you, and yours will pierce mine

I’ll write haikus about you like


My woman of twine 

I’m thankful your threads were spun

I want to wear you


And when our fibers become loose 

And our seems have come to splitting 

I hope we fall into the same heap

And I can die with you, and you can die with me

And we can bleed our strings back into the Earth

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such an awesome message

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go slow

and if your arms are too heavy

do not try to lift them

just siphon those chemicals out carefully

you are so potent

i love you

if you feel too fleeting

to be loved by me

i will arrest all ambition

and leave you be

isn’t that dangerous?

i love you

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